KinkBNB in 2024

Darren Mckeeman
3 min readJan 19, 2024


From our first listing in May, based in Chicago IL.

We relaunched KinkBNB in May of 2023. In the months leading up to 2024, we rebuilt a lot of our database which was decimated by the pandemic to re-establish ourselves as the premier directory for adult playspaces.

As we go into 2024, KinkBNB is still building our listings while developing tools for our listings to help hosts get paid. The foundation for all we’ve done is the KinkToken (KINK), a social token based on Ethereum. To get these tokens and access our system, you’ll have to install a web3 wallet. We recommend Metamask ( for your wallet but the site now supports most wallets since we launched last May.

Connecting your wallet is how you “log in” to KinkBNB now. Once you’ve connected then you can see a preview of our listings and how far they are from you. You don’t have to buy our tokens to see the list of spaces available. You’ll also be able to apply to be a host once connected — more on that later.

Our KINK coin is how everything on our web app is powered. To buy it you have to load your wallet with ETH. With Metamask, you will be able to buy with PayPal if you click on the “Buy/Sell” button. Once you’ve done this you can buy our token on our site. Holding 25 of our tokens ($25) gets you access to our listings and communication system. Holding our token also gets you access to our Telegram channel and Discord server as well as contact information for all the Hosts in our system.

Payment options available via MetaMask for people in the US. Options differ by country.

To host, you have to use the same wallet but you don’t have to buy ETH or hold our tokens. You can read more about becoming a host in this explainer. We hope more of you become hosts because we’ve got some nifty tools to help keep you safer and help you make money planned for this year!

Some of our projects:
1) Decentralized Appointment and Event Check-In
2) Trustless ID verification and social equity systems
3) Digital Currency Payment and Deposit Requests
4) Truly Anonymous and end-to-end Encrypted messaging
5) Support for Private Club structures.
6) KinkBNB Membership sales through hosts (cash sales)

We’re working on finding hosts in major cities to beta-test some of our systems, so the more hosts we have then the better we can make KinkBNB! Consider signing up as a host if you haven’t already!

As a final note — as of January 2nd, KinkBNB is now KBNB TEchnologies, Inc. Over the next year there are a lot of changes coming to KinkBNB. If you are an experienced real estate investor and would like to find out how to join in on the next year of growth here at KBNB Technologies, drop me a line at