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Darren Mckeeman
4 min readMay 27, 2023

A guide to listing your adult playspace on KinkBnB

Photo by Bermix Studio on Unsplash

In the past three years, the world underwent a lot of changes. This includes KinkBNB! We experienced the rising tide of discrimination against the sex-positive movement at the same time as we decided to rebuild our platform because of the pandemic. The result is the new anonymous system of Host Badges that we came up with.

A Host Badge that we issue is like the KINK token except it is unique to you and your property. In web3 terms this is a Non-Fungible Token — an NFT. There are a few differences between this and the other NFTs you may have heard of — it doesn’t cost you any money (we cover the cost to make it) and you cannot sell it, either. It was issued to you and will stay in your wallet forever until you destroy it. Another difference is that instead of merely representing a picture, we can stuff a lot of information into your Host Badge that you can change at any time. It also allows you to use our system to exchange your KINK tokens for the current USD value of ETH. We do not charge any fees for this — 1 KINK = $1 USD. We are planning other features such as identity confirmations via ID services and anonymous messaging that we make money on. Our goal is to give hosts an incentive to use our system to make it a safe place for everyone that uses it.

If you are ready to become a KinkBNB Host, you will need to install Metamask or another crypto wallet. Once you have done that, connect your wallet to KinkBNB by navigating to our application page and supply the following information for your Host Badge:

Title — The name that you want guests to know your space by.

Description — A brief description of your space.

Postal/Zip Code — The postal or zip code of the space as if you would receive mail there. This is the most granular data that we publicize about your space as a safety precaution, and it is how people find out if they are local to you.

Country — This is obvious, what country are you in? We have to ask this since we need to do some backend lookups on the Postal Code field to make this all work! We can support any country that has a postal code system with this method, although we realize it might be a kink to go somewhere TRULY off-the-grid.

Categories — We’ve added categories to our listings, be sure to choose which category your space belongs to:

Pro Dungeon — A for-profit dungeon. Often a legit business where legal.

Community Dungeon — A non-profit dungeon. Put together by a group of locals who don’t care about making money, sometimes as a non-profit organization.

Private Residence — Someone’s house or apartment or condo or mansion or tin shack.

Love Hotel — A place with many identical rooms that people go to for romantic encounters and isn’t afraid to market itself like that. Big in Japan, coming to a country near you if they aren’t there already.

The Hosts in these categories are eligible to vote on new Hosts in their category and can apply to get our Governance Badge once they’ve interacted with a guest via our system. For more information find us on Discord!

Amenities — These are the same amenities you know and love from our previous incarnation — from Orgy Friendly to Allows Porn Shoots. Pick the ones your space has!

Email — We need a valid email address to approve your application. Also an alternative contact method for our users.

Phone — We need a valid phone number for our guests to contact you for reservations. This is still the most reliable method of contact according to most of our hosts, and we will never publicize it to anyone but our guests.

Discord — If you have a Discord handle, put it here as an alternate method of contact. We will never publicize it to anyone but our guests.

Telegram — If you have a Telegram account, put it here as an alternate method of contact. We will never publicize it to anyone but our guests.

Website — If you have a website, put it here as an alternate method of contact. Once again, we will never publicize it to anyone but our guests.

Images — We currently allow six images with each Host Badge. As we roll out new features, we will increase this number.

Confirmation — Once you have uploaded images, what your listing will look like is presented to you on the final page. Once you are happy with your listing, click submit to send your application.

Next Steps — That’s it! All you have to do now is wait! Our initial Host Badges will be issued before the end of June, and once you receive them there will be a form on our website if you want to change any information. The instant your Badge is issued it is available on our site on the Listings page.

We are sure you have more questions, and we are eager to answer them for you. You can always email us at but if you want to type at us in real time for more information find us on Discord! We will try to help you!

Thank you and we look forward to your application!