What the Russians have on Trump.

Darren Mckeeman
5 min readJul 23, 2018
The woman arrested last week for trafficking Russian women from her Trump Tower apartment — Ksenia Khodukina via VKontakte

It’s probably the thing most on people’s mind’s right now in regards to politics in the United States — why exactly does Donald Trump love Vladimir Putin so much? Why does he trash just about everyone except Putin? A person of a sinister bent might be inclined to think that Donald Trump fancies himself a strongman like Stalin or Hitler, and is trying to chum around with people he thinks are peers. The sad truth is that he probably got in way over his head with the Russians, and they have something on the whole family that’s really huge, at least to the Russians.

We’ve had a year or so to get used to the idea of seeing a videotape of Trump urging Russian sex workers to pee on a bed. Now, I am not sure about you but that’s really fucking tame. It’s boring for one thing. And in my own personal sex positive bubble I think it’s stupid that anyone would be embarrassed by something like a watersports fetish.

What might they have that would be even worse than this silly pee tape? How about a good dose of human trafficking? This Russian pair was caught running an escort service out of Trump Tower Miami.

Family Business (picture tweeted by Sarah Sanders on official feeds)

It’s a fact that Trump’s grandfather ran brothels in Canada. Recently, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau famously trolled Trump by presenting him a photograph of his grandfather’s hotel and brothel. So maybe Trump has a thick skin about this. Maybe he thinks nobody will care about this. I’m going to be honest here. In my world, I don’t give a damn about how his father made his money back then. The thing I am concerned about is how he is making his money now.

It’s not really in doubt that he’s making money hand over fist, merely by making the Secret Service foot the bill at his own resorts. The Emoluments Clause in the Constitution prohibits this sort of chicanery — but since everyone who has been president so far has been the sort of person who so scrupulously avoided the appearance of impropriety that they’d sell their family peanut farm to avoid the sudden rush for the President’s nuts, there isn’t really a mechanism in place to enforce this clause. One recourse is winding its legal way through the courts as we speak, and that is that many, many watchdog groups are suing the President for violating this clause.

This hasn’t stemmed the tide of countries like China outright bribing him though. Trump applied for and got trademarks to operate escort services and massage parlors in China shortly after he became president. I don’t really mind the idea of escort services, brothels, and massage parlors. What I do mind is the idea of these businesses benefiting a multinational corporation. There are some famous sexual businesspeople out there like Stormy Daniels that could arguably be compared to a multinational corporation — but sex work in the employ of a corporate entity is about the most repulsive and capitalistic thing I could think of. As if my opinion matters, I believe that sex work is an individual choice and once a corporation gets involved it eventually will remove that choice. That’s the very definition of human trafficking. Donald Trump is moving to do this all out in the open, in the news. He started doing it a year ago.

Not that anyone is actually doing anything about it. Sound familiar?

I actually doubt that the Russians have anything on Trump. A pee tape won’t change anyone’s mind at this point. But if they do have something, what the hell would it be? What would be so heavy they could have control over someone like him? Even human trafficking wouldn’t be enough at this point — it’s all out in the open and nobody really gives a damn about consenting adults whether they be Russian fashion models, gun activists, or mail-order brides. Well, it’s that “consenting adults” part that gives you pause. Doesn’t it?

Blatant attempt to get sued for using this photo of 16 year old Melania. She guards her likeness religiously, same as Stormy! I don’t care, do you?

After all, this administration views anyone who isn’t white and male as chattel to trade as a pawn anyway they please. Witness the situation at the border where they decided the smart thing to do would be to use children as pawns in some imaginary negotiation and commit what the United Nations says may very well be an act of genocide. Nobody knows where a large number of the infant children separated from their parents are. This sort of chaos is what human traffickers thrive on. Marginalized populations are the most at risk.

What if the thing the Russians have on Donald Trump is the trafficking of children? Would that be enough? I doubt it would even be enough for the supporters of Trump, disgustingly enough.

It’s not like we don’ t have the warning signs of this sort of thing. Trump’s cocaine fueled parties in the 80’s recently got dredged up by 2 Live Crew’s Uncle Luke in this Spin article.

It bears repeating that the guy who rapped on “Face Down, Ass Up” “couldn’t take what was going” on at a Trump party.Spin Magazine

These accounts also show how President Grab-Em-ByThe-Pussy pursued teen girls as young as 14. I understand that in some parts of the world the legal age may be as young as 12, and that rich people may fly in girls… wait, that’s trafficking. And these girls at his parties were models? From which agencies? If you are as cynical as me, you start to think of all these modeling agencies as international corporate human trafficking rings eventually. It certainly seems to be how rich white men view them. How quickly everyone forgets how Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein were big pals of Trump’s. Two presidents and a billionaire pedophile? Why hasn’t anyone connected these dots before?

Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump, Michael Bloomberg, Bill Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein… seriously why has nobody noticed this?

What if the thing the Russians had on Trump was proof of something this bad? Would it be enough for you? Would it be enough for Congress? Would it be enough for the entire country? Enough people believed Hilary did this out of a pizza parlor and got incensed. Bill Clinton may very well know something about all this with Trump and not want to incriminate himself. What if it were for real and being run out of Trump Tower — like the first operation I linked to in this article? Would that be enough?

We can only hope. Because if the something that the Russians have on Trump turns out to be child smuggling or similar and our government does nothing… Well, it deserves to burn in the hell of civil war.