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Founder at KinkBNB. Writer of fiction and nonfiction.

Chapter Nineteen

Emperor Norton’s First Proclamation in the Daily Evening Bulletin. Courtesy the San Francisco Public Library.

Chapter Eighteen

The site of the last duel in the United States, courtesy

Chapter Seventeen

Monumental Fire Company #6, 1856 — Courtesy

Chapter Sixteen

Washerwoman’s Lagoon, courtesy

Chapter Fifteen

Fort Gunnybags, courtesy of OpenSFHistory

Chapter Fourteen

Abe Warner (in top hat) standing outside his Cobweb Palace (to the left down the stairs). Courtesy

Miner’s Exchange on Montgomery, 1855 courtesy of

Chapter Twelve

Chinese New Year in San Francisco, 1875 courtesy University of California

Meigg’s Wharf, as seen from Telegraph Hill in 1870. Courtesy OpenSFHistory.Org

“Sherman’s Bank”, Lucas, Turner & Company building (center) in 1906.

Darren Mckeeman

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